What is 1st level dressage?

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What is 1st level dressage?

First Level Dressage continues to develop the horse’s suppleness by adding lengthening of stride, 15m circles, single loops and leg yielding. They also contain leg yielding, single loops, lead changes through trot and smaller circles demonstrate the horse’s balance and reponsiveness. …

What is training level in dressage?

Training Level Dressage is used to test the suppleness of the horses muscles and their willingness. The training level is comprised of 3 tests, which confirm that the horse is supple and moves freely forward in a clear and steady rhythm, accepting contact with the bit. These tests include walk, trot and canter work.

What are levels of dressage?

Dressage Levels

  • Introductory (or Intro)
  • Preliminary (or Prelim, as it’s normally known)
  • Novice.
  • Elementary.
  • Medium.
  • Advanced Medium.
  • Advanced.
  • Prix St Georges.

What is second level dressage?

Second level dressage adds another element to the horse’s training by starting collected work. This level sees the addition of Counter Canter, Shoulder In, Travers, Simple Lead Changes and Rein-Back, as well as Collection in Trot and Canter. Second Level is also comprised of 3 tests.

What level of dressage is piaffe?

Piaffe: The piaffe is developed from the Passage, only the horse remains trotting nearly in place. In the Intermediate A test, this consists of 7-10 piaffe steps, allowing for half steps 2 meters forward.

When should I move up a level in dressage?

If you’re regularly scoring into the 70-80% bracket, you could consider stepping up to a suitable show. Having said that, you may find that some horses have the right way of going for a higher level, but haven’t yet mastered the movements.

Is dressage hard to learn?

Dressage is incredibly hard, and in the beginning, it’s difficult to really understand what it is you’re supposed to be doing in the first place. Beyond that, it’s even harder to get your brain to make your body do what it is that you want, even once you know what that is.