How is India better than the United States?

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How is India better than the United States?

In India the most common weapon that a bad / crazy guy can use is a knife or a stick, and if you can run faster than him, you are safe 🙂 Lack of Genuine People to People contact: In the US every other guy will do short talk, say good morning, etc, In India no one has time for that and no one does that.

Why does India have a different education system than America?

Each country has to adapt its education system to its own circumstances. An affluent country like America can afford to have a project-oriented system, which is somewhat wasteful at times. A poor country like India has to conserve all its resources; so it goes for lectures and paper-based examinations.

Why are Indians so successful in the USA?

In fact, Indian-of-descent American have for some time been considered a “model minority” in the US — they are better educated, have better jobs, are wealthier than many other immigrant populations and enjoy both political and business clout. Here’s data that points to these factors:

Which is the best form of government in India?

India’s massive problems can only be solved through a Presidential form of Government. Let the President have just a yearly term, but the Crowd Fund would not let any body drop below the poverty line as the capitalist also becomes an investor in the Crowd Fund.

Why does India think India has done better than other countries?

In comparison, in the US and Germany, it took two days for cases to double from 6000 to 12000 cases while it took three days in Italy and four days in the UK, France as well as Spain.

Why are Indians more successful in the US than in India?

The topic we discussed was, “Why are Indians who immigrate to the United States more successful professionally than those who remain?” The question makes two significant assumptions. First, it assumes that Indian immigrants are more successful than those who don’t immigrate.

How is the health system in India different from the United States?

But in India as well as the United States, patients too often get unnecessary surgeries, tests, and other treatments that benefit private providers, said Sakthivel Selvaraj, an expert on health financing at the Public Health Foundation of India. Take cesarean deliveries (C-sections), the most common major surgery in the United States.

Are there any similarities between the US and India?

The two democratic nations have some similar problems in healthcare and U.S politicians might be able to learn a few things from the system in India. Two years ago, Kabita Kanhar delivered a baby girl but couldn’t pay her medical bill.