What fish can live with zebrafish?

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What fish can live with zebrafish?

Any fish with long flowing fins, such as angelfish, bettas, and guppies, are potential targets of the active zebra danio. Good potential tankmates may include barbs, corydoras catfish, similar-sized gouramis, loaches, and swordtails. All varieties thrive in schools and should never be kept as singles.

Is a zebrafish a community fish?

They can display aggressive behavior towards slow moving long-finned fish species and they may frequently be seen biting at their fins. As they are a community fish, they don’t do great on their own as this can cause them to be stressed which can lead to illnesses.

What fish are zebra Danios compatible with?

Danios Behavior/Compatibility Danios are always on the go and should be kept with other active fish. Good tankmates include serpae, red eye and #545557 skirt tetras, platies, mollies and swordtails, small barbs and other danios.

Are zebrafish friendly?

Since Zebra danios are so friendly, they’re compatible with a number of other freshwater pets.

Do zebrafish eat other fish?

Zebrafish are omnivorous, primarily eating zooplankton, phytoplankton, insects and insect larvae, although they can eat a variety of other foods, such as worms and small crustaceans, if their preferred food sources are not readily available. In research, adult zebrafish are often fed with brine shrimp, or paramecia.

How long do Danio fish live for?

between two and five years
The typical lifespan of a Zebra Danio is between two and five years. There are no guarantees with lifespan.

Can you keep Danios with Tetras?

Compatibility: Most are Community Safe. Schooling fish should be kept in groups of 6 or more in order to maintain best coloration and behavior. An ideal community can include multiple species of tetras, rasboras, danios, other fish of similar size and temperament.

Can zebrafish live with guppies?

Guppies, live bearers themselves, and zebra danios get along well with many of the common types of live-bearing fish. Be careful when adding sailfin mollies or other fish that have long fins or tails and are relatively slow swimmers, because the guppies and danios may nip at the fins.

Are danios good community fish?

Zebra Danios are one of the easiest types of fish to find tankmates for. They’re like that one roommate who picks up after themselves and gets along well with almost everyone. Of course, not every fish makes a good companion.