Is a mini max an ultralight?

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Is a mini max an ultralight?

The ultralight that started a revolution! Introduced in 1985, the MiniMax was the epitome of Wayne Ison’s design philosophy; an inexpensive, simple to build ultralight aircraft that’s a joy to fly and has outstanding performance.

How much does a mini MAX airplane cost?

But you can still afford to build and fly your own aircraft! Our Fin and Rudder starter kit is only $95, and a complete 1100 Mini-Max kit is under $6,200. If you can’t afford a complete kit you can “self finance” by purchasing and building the sub-kits (wing, fuselage, etc.) as your time and finances permit.

How much does an ultralight kit cost?

How much does an ultralight cost? The cost of most new single-seat ultralights begins around $9,000. On the used market, it is possible to find an ultralight for around $4,000. Be wary of purchasing a used ultralight with a price that’s “too good to be true,” unless you are willing to completely rebuild it.

How heavy can you be to fly an ultralight?

Flying ultralights can be the quickest, simplest, and most inexpensive way to get in the air for pilots who just want to have fun. While there are a number of restrictions on ultralight activity — you can’t carry passengers, your aircraft can’t go too fast or weigh more than 254 pounds, etc.

Can you land an ultralight anywhere?

There’s no requirement that ultralights operate from airports, so they can take off and land in private fields or wherever it is safe to do so.

Can a 1100R be used as an ultralight?

Although the 1100R is a very popular ultralight and has an upgrade path that includes many options and a more powerful engine, these upgrades put it into the Experimental Amateur-Built (E-AB) category. Many of our customers like the good looks of the Eros or Sport aircraft, but want to build a true legal Part-103 Ultralight.

How many gallons does an 1100R Mini Max have?

1100R Specifications Build time 250-300 hours Engine 28-40 HP Fuel Capacity 6 Gallons (12 gallons with optional 2nd Flight controls 3-Axis Wingspan 25′

Is the max-103 ultralight aircraft properly cared for?

Properly cared for, the Max-103 will give you decades of flying enjoyment. And you’ll have the deep sense of pride knowing you built this fine aircraft yourself.

What kind of engine does Mini Max have?

The original Mini-Max. Very simple design. Mid-wing, Hirth F-33 single cylinder engine, Part 103 Ultralight. Can be upgraded to 1500R or 1600R. For sale as plans-only, sub-kits and complete standard kit. Contact JDT for more information about Mini-Max kits and options. A Minimum cost aircraft, requiring a Minimum of building space, time or skill.