What are some cons about George Washington?

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What are some cons about George Washington?

CONS: Washington was obsessed with presidential points and the dignity of his office. Washington always sided with Alexander Hamilton, didn’t even give the others a chance.

What were Washington’s strengths and weaknesses?

One of his strengths was that he commanded a large American army and won many wars with them. Another strength was that he delegated authority wisely. One of his weaknesses was that he didn’t want to accept money from people because he wanted to protect his social image.

What were some of Washington’s weaknesses?

Washington’s biggest weakness was as a tactician. Although his bravery was never questioned – he would often put himself at risk on the front lines – he wasn’t good at directing troops and taking charge of battle planning as the fight unfolded.

What are the pros of living in Washington State?

With the Pacific Ocean at its western edge, British Columbia at its North, Oregon to the south, and Idaho to the east, Washington State was registered as a 42nd state to the Union in 1889. 1. Scenic Beauty 2. Good Job Opportunities

What are the pros and cons of being president?

PRESIDENTIAL Pros & Cons – Part One – Epik Fails of History! *Note: This article was originally written in April, 2016. CONTENT WARNING: the following may contain some mild language, crude humor, alcohol, and commentary on American politics.

What are the pros and cons of Jay’s Treaty?

CON “Jay’s Treaty,” Washington’s opponents asserted, was little more than a thinly disguised sellout to Great Britain. Not only did Washington fail to lend support to the new republican forces in France, but gradually allowed U.S. policy to drift in a pro-British direction.

Is it expensive to live in Washington State?

Living in Washington State doesn’t come cheap as with the high income, the price of the average home also increases. Just like how this state gives people a good opportunity for a decent income, it takes back with high housing, grocery, and transportation cost.