What is Sonny Bill Williams doing now?

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What is Sonny Bill Williams doing now?

Williams retired from rugby league after Covid-19 ended his $10m deal with the Toronto Wolfpack in the English Super League, and he has since taken up a rugby/league commentary role on Nine.

How much does Sonny Bill Williams bench?

Lesson #1: Strength isn’t everything I hate to disappoint you but the most I ever saw him bench press was a touch over 140kg (and this was after several weeks of pre-season training).

Is Sonny Bill Williams playing NRL in 2021?

SBW will continue his professional boxing career but has decided to hang up his boots after a glittering career in the rugby union and rugby league arenas. The 35-year-old finished the NRL season with the Sydney Roosters last year and plans to stay involved in an off-field capacity in 2021.

Who is Sonny Bill Williams wife?

Alana Raffiem. 2013
Sonny Bill Williams/Wife

Who are Sonny Bill Williams parents?

Lee Williams
John Williams
Sonny Bill Williams/Parents

Who is Sonny Bill playing for?

New Zealand
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What nationality is Sonny Bills wife?

The Kiwi revealed on Instagram that he is in a relationship with wannabe model Alana Raffie, a Sydneysider of South African heritage, according to the New Zealand Herald. Williams, 28, posted two photos of the happy couple this week, including one that showed the sweethearts snuggling on a couch.

What nationality is Sonny Bill Williams?

Sonny Bill Williams/Nationality

Does Sonny Bill Williams drink?

In the book, Williams admits to having a problem with alcohol in his younger days but says people at the Bulldogs were more concerned with “managing a situation”, rather than helping him deal properly with his issues.

How much money did Sonny Bill Williams make?

The Black Caps edge closer to victory over England, Sonny Bill Williams set to become the $30 million man and we catch up with kiwi sprint cyclist Sam Webster. VIDEO / SKY Sport / FOX

What kind of rugby does Sonny Bill Williams play?

Sonny William ‘Sonny Bill’ Williams is a New Zealand rugby player and heavyweight boxer who has played rugby league and rugby union at the highest levels. He currently plays rugby union for the Chiefs in Super Rugby.

When did Sonny Bill Williams sign with New Zealand?

On 1 June, Williams announced he had signed a three-year deal (his longest commitment since 2008) to stay with New Zealand rugby until the 2019 Rugby World Cup and would be joining the Blues in 2017, linking with coach Tana Umaga for the third time in his rugby career.

Why did Sonny Bill Williams not play for St Helens?

St Helens chairman Eamonn McManus later said the club had not made an offer to him. Williams had a shortened 2005 season after sustaining a severe knee injury and several minor injuries. He played five games throughout the year and subsequently missed several internationals for New Zealand.