Are AO Precision BCG any good?

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Are AO Precision BCG any good?

AO is one of my top two BCG manufacturers, the other being Microbest. I try to get them as the “house” brands, since you get the quality for the lower price. The quality on this product is outstanding and thankfully has a C158 bolt.

Who makes AO Precision BCG?

These premium 9310 Bolt carrier groups are manufactured by AO Precision to the highest standards of top tier manufacturers within the industry. AO makes these HPT / MPI BCG’s for other Military contractor juggernauts, such as FN America.

What BCG coating is best?

On the basis of performance, nitride wins. For nostalgia, phosphate wins. These two super hard finishes are both easy to clean workhorses that will take the punishment and come back for more. A chrome BCG will be significantly more difficult to find and more expensive when you do find one.

Are Odin works BCG good?

Very well made BCG. The finish is second to none. I thought it was overpriced until I received it,and I used some optics planet coupons I had at Check out got this for 125.00 plus free shipping,but still still Nickel Boron are everywhere for 100.

What is HPT MPI bolt?

Markings laser engraved (HPT=High Pressure Tested, MPI=Magnetic Particle Inspection) Extractor, machined 4140 Tool steel alloy, hardened with manganese phosphate.

Who makes Odin BCG?

A: ODIN Works was started by Tom Hines, who was already in the firearms industry doing .

Do you need adjustable gas key?

I Am Not A Competition Shooter, Why Do I Need An Adjustable Gas Key? The adjustable gas key is not only for competition shooters, it is for anyone that wants a softer shooting system and a longer weapon life. But this will cause the weapon to wear faster and more felt recoil.

Are FailZero BCG good?

The FailZero BCG has just ran and ran no matter what is run through it. This bolt is legit when it comes to coated bolt carrier groups. It does what it says and it does it reliably. The coating makes it far easier to clean than standard bolts and, most importantly, it is reliable as hell.

What does MPI mean on BCG?

Magnetic Particle Inspected
HPT Bolt (High Pressure Tested/ Proof) MPI Bolt (Magnetic Particle Inspected)