What happens in the end of The Deep End of the Ocean?

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What happens in the end of The Deep End of the Ocean?

The Deep End of The Ocean is a film about a family’s reaction when Ben, the youngest son is kidnapped and then found ten years later, living in the same town. Family father and entrepreneur Pat does his best to let life go on as best possible after his youngest son Ben is lost in a hotel lobby, presumed kidnapped.

Is Deep End of the Ocean true story?

The story is about a mother who struggles to cope with the unsolved kidnapping of her young son. Following its overwhelming success, Mitchard revealed that the story of The Deep End of the Ocean actually came to her in a dream. Her husband of 13 years had died and she was raising their five children by herself.

Who wrote Deep End of the Ocean?

Jacquelyn Mitchard
The Deep End of the Ocean/Authors
Jacquelyn Mitchard is the author of the bestselling novel The Deep End of the Ocean and of two nonfiction books, including Mother Less Child: The Love Story of a Family.

What is the theme of the deep end?

Surviving the unsurvivable, overcoming a trauma, and managing to begin to become a whole family again is what The Deep End of the Ocean is about. Violence is done to the Cappadora family, a violence unseen and unspeakable. There are no broken bones or bodies, only broken hearts.

Does The Deep End of the Ocean have a happy ending?

Despite being the original ending of the book, not to mention Michelle Pfeiffer’s preferred ending, the studio opted for the more conventional happy ending. Extensive rewrites and re-shoots caused the film to be delayed from its planned fall 1998 release to spring of 1999.

Does ocean have an end?

While this question appears to have a simple answer, the reality is that all the world’s waterways are connected to each other. There are no borders within the water itself, rather the names were human constructs given to different oceans in regard to around which bodies of land they flow.

Who stole Ben in Deep End of the Ocean?

alumna Cecil Lockhart
It is learned that at the reunion in Chicago, the celebrity alumna Cecil Lockhart kidnapped Ben, renamed him Sam, and raised him as her own child until she was committed to a mental hospital, leaving Sam to be raised in a house only two blocks from the Cappadoras, by his adoptive father, the sensitive and intellectual …

Is there a sequel to The Deep End of the Ocean?

A Cappadora Family Novel Series : Titles in Order Now, in this sequel to Mitchard’s beloved bestseller The Deep End of the Ocean, the Cappadora children are grown: Ben is married and has a baby girl, Kerry is studying to be an opera singer, and ne’er-do-well older son Vincent is a fledgling filmmaker.

What is the summary of Diary of a wimpy kid the deep end?

When Greg Heffley and his family hit the road for a cross-country camping trip, they’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime. But their plans hit a major snag, and they find themselves stranded at a campsite that’s not exactly a summertime paradise.