What was an early goal of the Indian National Congress?

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What was an early goal of the Indian National Congress?

Its aim was to obtain a greater share in government for educated Indians, and to create a platform for civic and political dialogue between them and the British Raj.

What did the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League both agree on?

The Lucknow Pact was an agreement reached between the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League (AIMLM) at a joint session of both the parties held in Lucknow in December 1916. Through the pact, the two parties agreed to allow representation to religious minorities in the provincial legislatures.

What were the goals of the Muslim League in India?

The All-India Muslim League (popularised as the Muslim League) was a political party established in 1906 in British India. Its strong advocacy, from 1930 onwards, for the establishment of a separate Muslim-majority nation-state, Pakistan, successfully led to the partition of India in 1947 by the British Empire.

What was the goal of the Indian National Congress when it convened for the first time in 1885?

Retired British Indian Civil Service (ICS) officer Allan Octavian Hume founded the Indian National Congress (A political party of India (British India to Free India)) in order to form a platform for civil and political dialogue among educated Indians.

Who led the Indian National Congress?

Dadabhai Naoroji
Allan Octavian HumeDinshaw Edulji Wacha
Indian National Congress/Founder

What was the goal of the Indian National Congress?

In the 1940s, the leadership of the Indian National Congress and the leadership of the Muslim League supported the goal of (1) helping the British fight World War II (2) removing British control from the subcontinent (3) abolishing caste distinctions and discrimination

What was the purpose of the Indian National Union?

In May 1885, Hume secured the viceroy ‘s approval to create an “Indian National Union”, which would be affiliated with the government and act as a platform to voice Indian public opinion.

Which is headline describes an event during India’s fight for independence?

Which headline describes an event during India’s fight for independence? (1) “Gandhi Leads Salt March” (2) “Kenyatta and Mau Maus Move Against British” (3) “Cecil Rhodes Unites Continent” (4) “Ho Chi Minh Leads Rebel Forces” 1 Which situation contributed to the success of Mohandas Gandhi’s campaign of civil disobedience in India?

What was the goal of the Pan Africanism movement?

The original goal of Pan-Africanism was to (1) demand democratic reforms (2) encourage ethnic rivalry (3) promote a united Africa (4) divide Africa into separate countries 3 The actions of Jomo Kenyatta, Kwame Nkrumah, Léopold Senghor, and Julius Nyerere were most closely associated with

What was the objective of the All India Muslim League?

Indian National Congress could not truly represent the Muslims so they needed a separate political party, which they thought could fulfill their interests. The basic objective of Muslim League was to take necessary steps for protecting the rights of Muslims and to keep the British Government fully informed about the problems and demands of Muslims.

Why was the Muslim League formed in 1906?

The Muslims already lagged behind by twenty years because the Indian National Congress was formed n 1885, and the Muslim league was formed in 1906. In addition to this the Muslim League was also to improve the relations of Muslims with British Government and also between different nations living in the sub-continent.

Why did Jinnah join the Muslim League in 1913?

Still there were some Muslims like Jinnah and Johar who believed that the unity of Hindus and Muslims alone could help figure out the solutions of the problems that India and the Indians were facing. That’s why Jinnah joined Muslim League as well in 1913 when he was still a member of the Congress.