How do I get recent posts on my WordPress homepage?

June 8, 2019 Off By idswater

How do I get recent posts on my WordPress homepage?

Login to your WordPress website. Navigate to Appearance>Widgets. Find the Recent Posts widget, then drag and drop it in the desired widget area. Once added, you can add a title, set the number of posts to show and more.

How do I create a post page template in WordPress?

Simply edit a post or create a new one and then launch the Beaver Builder to edit the post. Next, you need to click on the Add button at the top right corner of the screen and then switch to the Templates tab. From here you need to select ‘Saved Templates’ from the Group dropdown menu.

How do I get rid of recent posts on WordPress?

The Latest News item in you footer is a widget, so you can edit it as @nizamilputra described. The other section (on the left, middle of the page) entitled Recent Posts can’t be removed, except with Custom CSS, part of a Premium Plan or Business Plan.

How do I find templates in WordPress?

The list of available templates can be found at Pages > Add New > Attributes > Template. Therefore, a WordPress user can choose any page template with a template name, which might not be your intention.

What are the default post types in WordPress?

There are five default Post Types readily available to users or internally used by the WordPress installation:

  • Post (Post Type: ‘post’)
  • Page (Post Type: ‘page’)
  • Attachment (Post Type: ‘attachment’)
  • Revision (Post Type: ‘revision’)
  • Navigation menu (Post Type: ‘nav_menu_item’)

How to create recent posts page-Template Monster?

1. Access your theme directory (wp-content/themes/theme###) 2. Create new page, create new page template and assign it to the page. 3. Open the created page template file 4. To display a posts list we’ll use the WordPress core tag wp_get_archives.

Which is the best post template for WordPress?

The two most notable post template files are home.php and single.php which display a feed of posts and a single post respectively. When a static front page is used and the site has a page defined for the blog list the home.php file is used for the designated blog list page.

How to display the latest posts in WordPress?

Add the following code snippet to a custom page template, create a WordPress page using the custom template and then make it the homepage by going to Settings > Reading tab. Alternatively, use the built-in WP_Query to display the latest posts. The following code snippet displays 10 latest posts with titles and excerpts:

What do you mean by Page Templates in WordPress?

Page Templates. Page templates are a specific type of template file that can be applied to a specific page or groups of pages. As of WordPress 4.7 page templates support all post types. For more details how to set a page template to specific post types see example below.