Who said if speed kills me dont cry because I was smiling?

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Who said if speed kills me dont cry because I was smiling?

Paul Walker
You’ve probably seen the quote before: “If one day speed kills me, don’t cry because I was smiling.” I know I have. It’s been attributed to the late Paul Walker—who was killed in a fiery Porsche Carrera GT crash in 2013—by many people and news outlets, including us.

When was Paul Walker born?

September 12, 1973
Paul Walker/Date of birth

Born on September 12, 1973, in Glendale, California, Paul Walker appeared in front of the camera at a young age, modeling and acting in television shows such as Charles in Charge, Highway to Heaven and Who’s the Boss.

Who is Paul Walker’s daughter?

Meadow Rain Walker
Paul Walker/Daughters
Meadow Walker and Louis Thornton-Allan confirmed their relationship on Instagram in early July. Late actor Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow Walker is engaged to actor Louis Thornton-Allan. The model, who said “yes” to Louis, showed off her engagement ring on Instagram on Monday while swimming in a pool.

Who did Paul Walker have a baby with?

He and Rebecca Soteros, a one-time girlfriend, had a daughter named Meadow Rain Walker, who lived with her mother in Hawaii for 13 years and then moved to California to live with Walker in 2011.

What was Paul Walker’s quote If one day the Speed Kills Me?

Quote by Paul Walker: “If one day the speed kills me, don’t cry.

Which is the best quote by Paul Walker?

Paul Walker > Quotes > Quotable Quote. “If one day the speed kills me, don’t cry. Because I was smiling.”. ― Paul Walker. Read more quotes from Paul Walker. Like Quote.

What did the quote If Speed Kills Me Mean?

Aside from giving speed demons the affirmation that their reckless driving is somehow acceptable and okay, the quote also acted as a badge of common ground that established the enthusiasts from the casuals. Posting it on your car or your Facebook—an act that Meant Something.

Who was the driver of the car that killed Walker?

The Los Angeles Times identified the driver as Roger Rodas, 38, a friend of Walker’s who owned Always Evolving, an auto dealership and racing services company. The sheriff’s department would not confirm that.