Which skateboard wheels are best for street?

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Which skateboard wheels are best for street?

88a-95a wheels are slightly harder and faster wheels, with slightly less grip. They’re good for street skating and rough surfaces. 96a-99a wheels provide nice speed and grip. Great for beginners skating street, skate parks, ramps, pools, and other smooth surfaces.

What wheels do street skaters use?

We recommend choosing hard wheels for skate parks and street skating on ledges, rails, gaps and manual pads. Soft wheels are best for cruising, transportation and longboarding. Medium durometer wheels are great for beginners and for street skating on rough surfaces.

What are 58mm wheels good for?

Large Wheels 58 – 62mm wheels Generally used by very well seasoned skateboarders and the preferred size for many bowl and vert ramp skaters. Some street skaters do like this size too, but they are the few not the many. This size will give you maximum speed in bowls, vert ramps and larger transitioned skateparks.

What are flat spots on skateboard wheels?

When doing powerslides (turning the board sideways and sliding on all four wheels, perpendicular to their rolling direction in order to slow your board down), 180 powerslides (turning the board 180° while skating without doing an ollie or other tricks), and other slide tricks like the bluntside, it’s possible that your …

Is 52mm wheels good for street skating?

You can’t go wrong with Spitfire’s 52mm Bighead wheels. They have a versatile 99a durometer, meaning they’re just about average and ideal for street or ramp skating, but they’re still just soft enough for cruising to the skatepark. The wheels come in a range of widths, but for most purposes, 52mm is best.

What wheels does Tony Hawk Ride?

Set of 4 Pro Tony Hawk Rat Numbers STF Bones Skateboard Wheels. Available in 53mm and 55mm sizes….Pro Tony Hawk Rat Numbers STF Bones Skateboard Wheels.

Price $35.95
Wheel Durometer 83b
Wheel Formula Street Tech Formula
Wheel Edge Round Lip
Color White

Do Bones wheels get flat spots?

They won’t flat spot or wear down fast !

Are hard or soft wheels better?

Harder wheels tend to be faster while softer wheels are slower because they grip better. Harder wheels are better suited for skate parks and rides on smooth surfaces. Some brands offer a dual-durometer wheel where the inside of the wheel measures one way while the outside of the wheel is either harder or softer.