Is George Washington on a stamp?

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Is George Washington on a stamp?

The portrait of Washington featured on the 10-cent 1847 Issue stamp was adapted from a Gilbert Stuart painting. The individual featured on more American postage stamps than any other figure is George Washington. This stamp was issued in 2002.

How many times has George Washington been featured on stamps?

Bush joins a distinguished list of previous presidential honorees. Before 1900, presidential portraits predominated on postage stamps. George Washington, the most popular U.S. stamp subject of all time, has appeared on more than 300 different stamp issues, including one of the first U.S. stamp issues.

How much is a 1932 George Washington stamp worth?

1932 Regular Issues

Denom. Description Used
3 cent George Washington $0.20
3 cent George Washington Perforated 10 V $0.25
3 cent George Washington Perforated 10 H $0.70
6 cent James Garfield Perforated 10 V $0.30

What is the rarest Washington stamp?

USA 1867 3¢ George Washington B-grill Rose – $900,000 (£768k) This exceedingly rare version of the 1867 3¢ George Washington stamp in rose is one of America’s most sought-after philatelic treasures. The last example to come up at auction sold for a staggering $900,000 (£768k).

Who was the first president to be honored on a postage stamp?

With a run of history newly selected presidents began to be commemorated with different philatelic issues. George Washington was the first President who was honored with a definitive stamp. This event happened in 1847. These were the 5-cent Franklin 1847 stamp and the 10-cent Washington 1847 stamp.

Who was the seventh President of the United States on a stamp?

It appeared in 1938 and was a part of the special Presidential Series – 6-cent John Quincy Adams stamp. The other stamp depicting Adams was part of the Ameripex ’86 issue, which commemorated all past deceased American Presidents. Andrew Jackson was the seventh President of the United States.

When was the first US Christmas stamp issued?

That includes the first U.S. Christmas stamp, issued in 1962. Featuring a pair of white candles and a wreath with a red bow, it was attacked for crossing the line between church and state as well as for slighting other faiths. Some Christians objected to it, too, saying the government had no business intruding into their religion.

Who was the second President of the United States on a 1938 stamp?

The second Taylor appears on the 12-cent stamp of the 1938 Presidential Series – 12c Zachary Taylor stamp. Millard Fillmore was the 13th President of the United States (1850 until 1853).

When did the first Washington and Franklin stamp come out?

Washington and Franklin, after all, had appeared on the first two American stamps, issued in 1847, and during the next fifteen years, each of the eight stamp denominations available (with one exception) featured either Washington or Franklin.

Who was the first person to receive a postage stamp?

Naturally, a great deal of correspondence was exchanged before 1847—the United States Post Office Department was established in 1792—but those letters were mostly paid for by the receiver. Benjamin Franklin, who along with George Washington graced the first stamps, has a fascinating history with the post, filled with intrigue.

What kind of postage is used for the Washington stamp?

Washington with Olive branches, postage in numeral form, used on all denominations with the exceptions of the 9, 11, 12, 20 and 30-cent and the 2 and 5-dollar amounts. Franklin with Oak leaves, postage in numeral form, used on denominations from 8-cents to 1-dollar.

Who was the first president on a 1 cent stamp?

George Washington has been pictured on more U.S. stamps than any other individual. As the first president, it is fitting that Washington appear on the 1-cent Presidential Series stamp. This stamp appeared in many forms: sheet stamp, horizontal and vertical coil, and as a booklet pane.