What is a game high in NBA?

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What is a game high in NBA?

Highest-scoring regular season games

Rank Total Points Final Score
1 370 186–184
2 337 171–166
3 329 168–161
4 320 162–158

Who is the only active NBA player with a 70 point game?

Following that game, Bryant gave Booker a signed pair of shoes with the message, “Be Legendary.” Booker’s performance was the first 70-point game in Suns history. Devin is the only active player with a 70-point game, meaning he has the highest scoring career-high of any player currently in the NBA.

Who was the highest scoring guard in NBA history?

The top four scoring games by guards are now: Kobe Bryant (81 vs. Toronto on Jan. 22, 2006); David Thompson (73 at Detroit on April 9, 1978); Devin Booker (70 at Boston on March 24, 2017); Michael Jordan (69 at Cleveland on March 28, 1990).

What does 81 stand for in the NBA?

The 81 is all that really matters here. The 2nd-most points scored in any game in NBA history and the most ever by a guard. Next to 8 and 24, the number 81 simply stands for Kobe. 7.

Who is the greatest basketball player of all time?

Stephen A. Smith explains why he believes Kevin Durant is the greatest basketball player in the history of New York. Which team does Stephen A. trust more in Jazz-Clippers? Stephen A. Smith finds it difficult to choose the Clippers over the Jazz if the series goes to a Game 7.

Are there any high scoring games in the NBA?

NBA. High-scoring games may seem like a new thing for many fans who did not watch NBA basketball in past eras. But high-scoring offenses have been around for decades. While it is unusual to see current teams scoring under 100 points in a game, in past decades some teams would get close to 100 points in a half.

What’s the NBA record for most points in a game?

X NBA Finals record (game 5 victory); most points in a regulation playoff game. Y Scored four points in OT. Z Part of a streak in which Jordan scored 50 or more points in three consecutive games to become the only player besides Wilt Chamberlain with a 3,000 point season.

What was the average scoring of a basketball game before the shot clock?

Teams only averaged around 80 points per game in the years following the founding of the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 1946. Before the introduction of the shot clock, teams often ran out the clock by passing the ball more frequently after they established a lead in a game.

What was the highest scoring game in ABA history?

Highest scoring game in the ABA. Highest scoring game with 4 or more overtimes. Nets’ Julius Erving scored a game-high 63 points. Spurs’ George Gervin scored a game-high 50 points. Highest scoring game of the 21st century. Highest scoring game with 4 or more overtimes in the NBA. Most losses by the losing team in a game with more than 316 points.