Does my 14 year old need a work permit in Wisconsin?

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Does my 14 year old need a work permit in Wisconsin?

Employer Responsibility With Work Permits in Wisconsin While minors as young as age 14 are able to work in the state of Wisconsin, all teenagers under the age of 18 must obtain a child labor permit prior to beginning work.

Where do I get a work permit for my child in Wisconsin?

You may apply for a work permit at your school office or call (608) 266-6860 for more information on where in your area you may apply for a work permit.

How do you get a work permit in Wisconsin?

To obtain a work permit, either the minor alone or the minor and a parent must visit the permit office, taking with them:

  1. the minor’s birth certificate or other proof of age,
  2. the minor’s social security card.
  3. letter from the employer expressing intent to hire, on employer’s regular letterhead, describing:

How old do you need to be to get a work permit in Wisconsin?

In the State of Wisconsin, minors must stand at least 14 years of age in order to work in what the state considers gainful occupations. In order for employers of the state to hire minors, youths must first acquire work permits.

How many hours can a minor work in WI?

j Wisconsin has no limit during non-school week on daily hours or nightwork for 16-and 17-year-olds. However, they must be paid time and one-half for work in excess of 10 hours per day or 40 hours per week, which ever is greater.

How do I get a school work permit?

If you find out you need working papers, you may be able to get these from your school guidance office. You can also get them through your state department of labor by visiting the office, searching their website, or calling or emailing the office.

How many hours can you work as a 14 year old in Wisconsin?

Hours and Times of Day Minors May Work in Wisconsin

Maximum Hours of Work for 14 & 15 year-old minors After Labor Day through May 31 June 1 through Labor Day
School Days 3 hours 3 hours
Weekly Hours
Non-School Weeks 40 hours 40 hours
School Weeks 18 hours 18 hours

Can a 16 year old work at 4am?

Those aged 16 or 17 must not work after 10pm or before 7am. They can work until midnight or from 4am onwards if it’s necessary in the following types of work: advertising.