Who voices the Hierophant in Adventure Time?

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Who voices the Hierophant in Adventure Time?

Paul Williams
Meanwhile, Jake encounters Marceline’s freed vampiric essence, which has divided into five vampires whom Marceline had previously slain: the Fool (voiced by Ron Funches), the Empress (voiced by Rebecca Romijn), the Hierophant (voiced by Paul Williams), the Moon (voiced by Beau Billingslea), and the Vampire King himself …

Who turned Marceline into a vampire?

One possibility as to how Marceline became a vampire is that she was bitten by the Vampire King and transformed so that he could make Marceline his queen.

Is Marceline still a vampire?

The reappearance of these vampires forces Marceline, Bubblegum, Finn, Jake, and Peppermint Butler (voiced by Steve Little) to stake them one-by-one; in the ensuing action, Marceline is once again turned into a vampire, but comes to terms with her immortal fate.

Who is the vampire king in Adventure Time?

Billy Brown is the voice of The Vampire King in Adventure Time.

Is Marceline a mortal?

Marceline is immortal and unaging as a vampire. Meaning, as long as she isn’t killed, she could live forever. She lit up all the candles in Finn and Jake’s house with a wave of her fingers. She can move things using her mind.

Is Marceline still immortal?

Is the vampire king evil?

He is not without a darker side, as he acted considerably vengeful and cruel after Marceline had killed all of his fellow vampires in the past. As a sort of punishment, as well as an attempt to continue his species, he bit Marceline just before he was destroyed.

Who are the voice actors in Adventure Time?

Main Adventure Time Cast. Finn the Human. voiced by Jeremy Shada and 3 others. Jake the Dog. voiced by John DiMaggio and 4 others.

What does the Hierophant want to do in Adventure Time?

The Hierophant advocates for a return to traditional vampire ways, suggesting that trying to adapt lead to their downfall originally. When the Vampire King admonishes him, The Hierophant parts ways with the group. He seeks out Marceline in hopes of joining forces to bring down the king.

How did Marceline defeat the Hierophant in Adventure Time?

When the vampires attacked the humans’ ship, The Hierophant avoided the initial fight by disguising himself as Schwabl until Two Bread Tom noticed the dog was wearing boots. Marceline manages to defeat him and gain his shapeshifting powers.

Who was the Hierophant in the Vampire Diaries?

The Hierophant was a vampire and a member of the Vampire King ‘s court. Marceline fought The Hierophant centuries ago when she was on a mission to protect the remaining humans from vampires.