What was problematic about the 1876 presidential election Brainly?

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What was problematic about the 1876 presidential election Brainly?

One of Grant’s staff members ran for president, even though he’d been accused of taking bribes. Tilden won the popular vote, Hayes narrowly won the electoral vote, and votes in four states were disputed.

How many electoral votes did Tilden win in 1876?

Tilden led Hayes by more than 260,000 popular votes, and preliminary returns showed Tilden with 184 electoral votes (one shy of the majority needed to win the election) to Hayes’s 165, with the 19 electoral votes of three states (Florida, Louisiana, and South Carolina) and one elector from Oregon (originally awarded to Tilden) still in doubt.

What was the situation in the United States in 1876?

The platforms. The 1876 election occurred in the midst of an economic depression in the United States and continuing sectional animosity, particularly in the South, where opposition to federal occupation and Reconstruction had grown.

Who was the Governor of Ohio in 1876?

Fraud of the Century: Rutherford B. Hayes, Samuel Tilden, and the Stolen Election of 1876 by Roy Morris, Jr.. The bitter 1876 contest between Ohio Republican Governor Rutherford B. Hayes and New York Democratic Governor Samuel Tilden was the most sensational …

Who was the Vice President of the United States in 1876?

On the seventh ballot, Hayes was nominated with 384 votes to 351 for Blaine and 21 for Benjamin Bristow. William A. Wheeler was nominated for vice-president by a much larger margin (366–89) over his chief rival, Frederick Theodore Frelinghuysen, who later served as a member of the electoral commission that awarded the election to Hayes.

Who was the winner of the Electoral College in 1876?

The 1876 Electoral College. In 1876, when the nation went to the polls to elect Grant’s successor, Democratic candidate Samuel Tilden, governor of New York, emerged with a lead of more than 260,000 popular votes.

What was the result of Hayes compromise in 1876?

In the compromise, Hayes received the electoral votes in the states where the results were disputed. This gave Hayes the presidency. In return, the federal troops that were enforcing Reconstruction were removed from the South. Once the federal troops left the South, Reconstruction ended.

What was the result of the Jubilee year of 1876?

Although it was a jubilee year, the American Republic was also deeply troubled. The desperate battles of the Civil War had ended more than a decade before; yet Abraham Lincoln’s call for ‘malice toward none’ remained an unfulfilled appeal, as Federal troops continued to occupy some of the former Confederate States.

Who was the Secretary of War in 1876?

In March 1876, just eight months before the election, Secretary of War William Belknap was charged with malfeasance in office by the House of Representatives. Rather than remove Belknap from his post, Grant merely accepted the cabinet member’s resignation.