How do you defeat the Paladin in Diablo 2?

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How do you defeat the Paladin in Diablo 2?

Strategy: How to defeat Diablo You should max out your Fire Resistance (75% or 95% with the proper items) and if it’s possible your Lightning Resistance too, especially if you are a melee class. Melee characters will have to receive Diablo’s melee hits, so they should keep always keep active a Healing Potion.

What items can Mephisto not drop?

Since Mephisto is level 87 he should be able to drop anything in the game (especially because he is an Act Boss). But he never drops items like Dimensional Shard → Deaths Fathom, Unearthed Wand → Deaths Web, Diadem → Griffons Eye, etc.

How do you beat duriel as a Paladin?

Paladin: The most effective to kill Duriel as a Paladin is to use Zeal along with a freezing and life-leeching weapon. The Holy Freeze Aura is very helpful too as its effect slows the Boss even more. Finally, keep some healing and mana potions at your belt ready for use.

How do I get to Durance of hate?

The Durance of Hate is the lair of the Lord of Hatred, Mephisto. It is accessed by destroying the Compelling Orb in Travincal, which opens the entrance into the Durance of Hate. It is the final zone of Act III, and has a waypoint hidden on the second level.

What can Mephisto drop in nightmare?

The best loot you can get from Nightmare Mephisto is listed below.

  • Arreat’s Face.
  • Herald of Zakarum.
  • Raven Frost.
  • Skin of the Vipermagi.
  • Skullder’s Ire.
  • The Oculus.
  • The Stone of Jordan.
  • Titan’s Revenge.

What can normal Diablo drop?

Diablo 2 Mephisto Drops

  • Iratha’s Coil.
  • Milabrega’s Diadem.
  • Isenhart’s Parry.
  • Sigon’s Shelter.

Is Diablo 2 resurrected a remake or remaster?

Diablo II: Resurrected is a complete remaster of the original game and its Lord of Destruction expansion. But it looks and sounds like a totally different game. Starting Thursday, September 23, you can order the latest take on this classic game at the links below.