Are there any problems with the legalization of marijuana?

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Are there any problems with the legalization of marijuana?

There are different opinions regarding this issue. Some people believe that legalization of marijuana will create numerous problems both for its users and society in general. They propose to prohibit it in order to create additional difficulties for its potential users.

Can you write a research paper on medical marijuana?

However, one rule is definite – medical marijuana must be severely controlled by the federal laws. If you were assigned a task to write a research paper on medical marijuana, please realize that you will have to conduct a deep research for you main arguments.

Is the legalization of marijuana a rational decision?

In any case, at the moment of the initial marijuana use, the decision of a given individual is rational, i.e. it is based on his/her choice of the optimal alternative according to his/her preferences. Moreover, other people are free to express their concerns or make recommendations if they wish.

Is there any evidence that marijuana is bad for You?

The panel found “moderate evidence” that cannabis can lead to abuse of other substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs. It also found “limited evidence” that cannabis can impair learning, memory, and attention, even in individuals who have stopped smoking cannabis.

Why is it not a good idea to legalize marijuana?

Since legalization of marijuana for medical or general use would increase marijuana use rather than reduce it and would lead to increased rates of addiction to marijuana among youth and adults, legalizing marijuana is not a smart public health or public safety strategy for any state or for our nation.

How many states have legalized the use of marijuana?

Despite federal prohibition of all cannabis use, 33 states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for medical purposes; 11 of them and DC have further legalized it for recreational uses, and 15 other states have decriminalized marijuana use to some extent.

Who are some of the experts on marijuana?

“The public is largely misinformed about the health and behavioral effects of marijuana,” says Roger Roffman, D.S.W., a professor emeritus in the School of Social Work at the University of Washington and author of the forthcoming book Marijuana Nation. “There are an awful lot of people who simply don’t know what science knows about marijuana.”

Are there any countries that have legalized medical marijuana?

Some 30 countries around the world had legalized medical marijuana as of 2018. The letter followed an expert committee’s conclusion that cannabis and cannabinoids derived from the marijuana plant are relatively low risk and carry positive health benefits, including pain reduction and improvement of motor functions in patients with Parkinson’s.