What are mercurial vapors made of?

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What are mercurial vapors made of?

Nike Football revolutionized the Mercurial’s lightweight speed concept with the release of the Nike Mercurial Vapor SL. The limited-edition boot, constructed entirely from carbon fiber, weighed just 185 grams and inaugurated a new era of innovation in football.

What does firm ground cleats mean?

Firm Ground or FG soccer cleats have rubber studs that are either conical or bladed in shape, or some combination of both. These cleats are designed to provide traction specifically on firm ground. But they are versatile enough to be used on most playing surfaces.

Where are the Nike Mercurial Vapor III football boots made?

American sportswear giant Nike have released a selection of limited edition football boots for their 3rd generation Mercurial football boot. Made in Italy, this football boot is the last one Thierry Henry will be wearing for Nike. The style of this football boot mixes tradition, with the latest technology and look.

What kind of soccer shoes are Nike Mercurial?

Nike Mercurial Superfly. A leader in performance footwear for generations, Nike® puts decades of knowhow and today’s most cutting-edge materials into this new line of soccer shoes. Get the most out of your game with Nike Mercurial Superfly VII soccer cleats.

What makes the Nike Mercurial cleats so good?

Designed for high-speed control on any surface, Nike Mercurials provide a lightweight, dynamic fit with the structure you need to compete with confidence. Designed for speedsters at all levels of play, Nike Mercurial cleats and shoes offer ground-gripping traction and superior ball control with soft,…

When did the first Mercurial football boot come out?

First Mercurial line[edit] In 1998, Nike launched the first “Mercurial” football boot –the R9– a shoe inspired by and designed for Brazilian star Ronaldo, which he debuted at the 1998 FIFA World Cup. [2][3]The boot is in its thirteenth version the Nike Mercurial Vapor XIII.