How do you compile U-Boot in Beaglebone black?

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How do you compile U-Boot in Beaglebone black?


  1. Export MACRO kernel_version. 2.2.2.
  2. Extract Debian Root File System onto TF Card. 2.2.3.
  3. Set uname_r in /boot/uEnv.txt. 2.2.4.
  4. Copy Kernel Image. 2.2.5.
  5. Copy Kernel Device Tree Binaries. 2.2.6.
  6. Copy Kernel Modules. 2.2.7.
  7. Set File Systems Table (/etc/fstab) 2.2.8.
  8. Networking. 2.2.9.

What is boot SCR file?

scr is a user-defined image file that is read before loading uImage, allowing the user to supersede the loading of uImage, preventing the user from recompiling uImage.

How do I use Bootm?

The bootm command is used to start operating system images. From the image header it gets information about the type of the operating system, the file compression method used (if any), the load and entry point addresses, etc.

Is BeagleBone Black 64 bit?

Hands-on with the BeagleBone Black, a 32-bit Micro Computer.

What is boot SCR in Petalinux?

Starting in 2020.1, this the default method used by Petalinux. In the absence of a valid extlinux. conf file, U-Boot will scan the boot_targets list looking for a file named boot. scr (in that order) and run any commands located in the script file.

What is Mkimage?

The mkimage command is used to create images for use with the U-Boot boot loader. The new, FIT (Flattened Image Tree) format allows for more flexibility in handling images of various and also enhances integrity protection of images with stronger checksums.

How to set the environment variables for U-Boot?

Once U-Boot is up and running, you can configure it by setting the appropriate environment variables. The use of U-Boot environment variables is very similar to the use of environment variables in Unix shells, such as bash. To view the current values of the environment variables on your target, use the printenv command.

How to create a new U-Boot config file?

To add a new “make config” target, create a new config file in include/configs/ (or better, copy a similar configuration file), and add a line in boards.cfg. One can divide the code into three types (parallel to the sorts of modifications, mentioned above): Pure initialization code: This code always runs during U-Boot’s own bring-up.

Which is the latest version of you boot?

Instructions for building U-Boot. boards.cfg contains a list of supported boards. It’s worth to take a look at it as well. This tutorial was written with respect to U-Boot version v2013.07, but the principles apply for a wide range of versions.

How are bootloader images generated in U-Boot?

In addition to generating bootloader images, the build process will compile a few tools to be used on the host for conditioning binary images before downloading them off to the target to a running U-Boot. Table 9-2 lists the files generated during U-Boot’s compilation.