What did Moss say about Brady?

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What did Moss say about Brady?

On Wednesday, Pro Football Hall of Famer and ESPN analyst Randy Moss didn’t put any limits on his former teammate. Why? For starters, Moss said watching Brady now is like “seeing a kid in a playground.” “Being able to see Tom, one, (it’s) his arm strength.

How many years did Brady have moss?

5. Tom Brady to Randy Moss (2007-2010) Brady to Moss, the unstoppable toss.

Has Randy Moss won a Super Bowl ring?

Moss finished his NFL career without a Super Bowl win. He played in two for the Patriots and the 49ers, but lost both games. “As much as I would want to have a Super Bowl ring, I wasn’t chasing one,” Moss said.

Why does Tom Brady not eat any fruit?

He also eats very little fruit, and — because this is such a huge surprise — has a diet free of white flour, white sugar, and MSG because of how Campbell cooks for him. Yes, this all sounds like a super boring diet.

Why is Tom Brady missing the deep ball in practice?

Brady has the inconsistency and shortcomings of an aging player. And Arians keeps pointing that out. “I think he’s getting confused a few times with coverages that might be causing some inaccurate balls,’’ Arians told reporters this week ”I don’t see it at all in practice. We’re not missing the deep ball at all in practice, that’s for sure.

What did Bruce Arians say about Tom Brady?

It’s just a matter on Sundays of hitting them.’’ In just four short sentences, Arians called Brady inaccurate, confused, a practice player and a choker. Brady has missed 22 straight pass attempts of 20 yards or more, according to NextGenStats, the worst of any quarterback since 2017.

Why did Tom Brady not shake hands with Nick Foles?

Brady told reporters later that he just didn’t think about shaking Foles’ hand, that it was nothing personal. He said he shakes hands with some of his close friends and longtime quarterbacks but sometimes doesn’t shake the hands of others. I read that this way: “I shake hands only with superstars at my level.