Is Eula banner out?

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Is Eula banner out?

Well, the exact Eula release date is May 18, 2021, at 3 PM PST / 6 PM ET. This comes after a short maintenance period, as always. Eula is a 5-star claymore-wielding Cryo character.

What Banner is Eula in?

Born of Ocean Swell is Eula’s rate-up Banner in Genshin Impact. Learn Born of Ocean Swell’s featured characters, character and weapon drop rates, banner dates and reruns, and whether or not Eula’s Banner is worth pulling on in this guide!

Should I pull Eula banner?

Pull For Physical DPS & Support Characters Eula Banner, Born of Ocean Swell, is filled with different 4-star supports that can work extremely well for your main Cryo DPS character like Eula. It is recommended to pull for this banner.

What are the 4 stars on the EULA banner?

The 4 stars characters for the Eula banner in Genshin Impact include Xinyan. MiHoYo’s other 4 stars characters for the Eula banner in Genshin Impact are Beidou and Xingqiu.

Is Eula a 5 star?

Eula is a five-star Cyro based Claymore user, one of the most deadly combinations we’ve seen in the game for some time now. This Cryo character is a burst damage dealer, making her deadly against single target bosses with large amounts of health points.

How long will the EULA banner last?

Eula banner release time in Genshin Impact The banner will be available for three weeks and ends on June 8th, at 3:59 PM (server time). As of now, Eula’s banner, named “Born of Ocean Swell,” is live in Asia, but players from Europe and North America will have to wait a few more hours.

Will Eula be a 5 star?

Five-star characters are back. After nearly two months of repeating classic characters like Childe and Venti, Genshin Impact has finally introduced a new five-star character named Eula. Some are hailing this icy swordswoman as perhaps the strongest single attack DPS to ever join the game.

Is Eula stronger than Diluc?

While Diluc’s regular attacks are stronger than Eula’s, her combo has more hits (seven vs four) and she’s astoundingly fast by claymore standards. Time will tell which combination yields better results.

Is Eula worth getting?

Overall, Eula is well worth pulling through Genshin Impact’s Wish system during her Banner run. With Eula’s best character build, she can be even stronger – which, again, makes her a valuable DPS character to have on a team.

Does Eula hate Jean?

The families of Jean and Eula are sworn enemies. Even though Jean has helped Eula a lot, she still wants to take revenge on the Acting Grand Master. He doesn’t have a family, and Eula thinks of it as an easy life. Both Diluc and Eula do not like the Knights of Favonius.

Is Eula Genshin good?

Eula is undoubtedly one of the best Genshin Impact characters from a DPS perspective, and even with new powerful characters like Ayaka, with Yoimiya and Sayu not far behind, she still holds her own.

Is Eula a 5-star?