Is Eddie Perfect a real musician?

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Is Eddie Perfect a real musician?

Eddie Perfect (born 17 December 1977) is an Australian singer-songwriter, pianist, comedian, writer and actor. Following his songwriting career on Broadway, where he composed Beetlejuice and King Kong, Perfect returned to Australia where he was to star as Franklin Hart Jr. …

What songs has Eddie Perfect written?

Eddie Perfect

  • The Whole Being Dead Thing – 2014 Original Pitch Demo58,783.
  • The Hole (Beetlejuice) – 2015 Cut Opening Number47,722.
  • Mamma Would (Lydia) – 2015 Cut Song52,766.
  • Gotta Get Outta This House (Beetlejuice) – 2016 Cut Opening Number43,739.
  • Step Right Up (Beetlejuice and Lydia) – 2015 Cut Song37,858.

Can Eddie perfect play piano?

Shane Warne: The Musical2008
Beetlejuice2018Strictly Ballroom1992
Eddie Perfect/Plays

Does Eddie Perfect like cockatoos?

“I want to cover myself in Australian birds one day,” he says. “I especially love black cockatoos.” It is almost 11 months since Perfect emptied the family home in Melbourne’s East Brunswick and moved with Lucy and their two daughters, Kitty, nine, and Charlotte, six, to an apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

Who is the female singer on Offspring?

Clare Bowditch
At the ARIA Music Awards of 2006, Bowditch won the ARIA Award for Best Female Artist and was nominated for a Logie Award for her work on the TV series Offspring in 2012….

Clare Bowditch
Instruments Vocals, guitar
Years active 1999–present
Labels Island/Universal Music

Does Eddie perfect paint?

He has since built a successful international career using the combination of words, music, theatrical performance and comedy to explore the darker themes of human existence. However, when Eddie needs a moment away from writing words and music, he turns to paint.

Did Mick leave offspring?

Through six hit seasons, Eddie Perfect’s turn as gardener turned musician and all-round nice guy Mick Holland on Ten’s hit Offspring earned him fans across the country. “There was no hesitation,” says the gravel-voiced 41-year-old of his decision to leave Offspring.

Did Mick leave Offspring?

What kind of music does Eddie Perfect sing?

Eddie Perfect (born 1977) is an Australian singer-songwriter, pianist, comedian, writer and actor. Widely known for his role as Mick Holland in Channel Ten ‘s TV series Offspring in which he performs his own music, he has recorded solo albums and written and performed numerous cabaret shows, including Songs from the Middle with the Brodsky Quartet.

How old is Eddie Perfect of Eddie Perfect?

17 December 1977 (age 41) Eddie Perfect is an Australian actor, comedian and musician. Known for his political comedy, he has appeared on Australian TV shows, including Kath and Kim & Spicks and Specks.

When did Eddie Perfect album Angry Eddie come out?

Eddie released the popular solo album Angry Eddie after featuring on the anti-Howard Government compilation Rock Against Howard. Eddie has appeared in live stage shows including The Big Con with veteran Australian actor and impersonator Max Gillies in 2005, and his solo show Drink Pepsi, Bitch!.

How many listeners does Eddie Perfect have on Last FM?

Top Tracks Rank Track name Listeners 1 Gotta Get Outta This House (Beetlejuice) 6 listeners 2 The Whole Being Dead Thing – 2014 Origin 5 listeners 3 No Reason – 2015 Original Demo 5 listeners 4 The Hole (Beetlejuice) – 2015 Cut Openin 4 listeners