Which NBA player has most babies?

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Which NBA player has most babies?

Willie Anderson – 9 Children With 7 Women Willie Anderson is far from the most famous NBA player, but perhaps that is because he spent most of his time fathering nine children with seven different women.

Which state has the best high school basketball?

Best High School Basketball States

  • Texas.
  • California.
  • North Carolina.
  • Illinois.
  • Indiana.
  • Georgia.
  • Florida.
  • New York.

Who are some famous basketball players from Seattle?

Players Born In Seattle (WA), United States Player Pos HT WT College Shaqquan Aaron GF 6-7 200 USC Dana Abe F 6-4 200 Western Washington Brandon Adams F 6-7 210 Hawaii Rio Adams G 6-4 195 Eastern Kentucky

Who are the greatest NBA players of all time?

Parenting isn’t a competition, but athletes love to win, and these are the top ten NBA players with the most kids. Shaq is considered one of the greatest NBA players of all time – and for good reason, too. His career, which spanned almost two decades, started when he was drafted as first overall pick back in 1992.

What are the names of the NBA players kids?

His kids’ names are Chance, Charity, Chelsea, Ciera, Chayenne, and Chase. With their father’s giant genes, maybe one day we will see some second generation Bradley stars playing basketball.

How many kids does Shawn Kemp have in the NBA?

The player ran into some legal troubles after retiring, but he can fall back on his family life for happier times. Kemp has fathered seven children, with one of those kids, Shawn Kemp Jr., playing basketball in college for the University of Washington.

How many Washington players have been in the NBA?

* Including anyone currently in the NBA; NBA career stats since the 1946-1947 season. 38 players found.

Are there any Asian basketball players in the NBA?

Corey Gaines (ex NBA guard) is half Japanese. Robert Swift (ex NBA center) is 1/4 Japanese. Love your post. Here are some past and current Asian College players that played College ball in the Northeast that maybe you can add to your list.

How many NBA players have come from Africa?

From African countries, Senegal has produced 10 players and Nigeria has produced 20 players. Australia has produced 24 players, and China has produced six players. At least 78 players have come from the former Yugoslavia ( Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, and North Macedonia ).

Who are the fathers of NBA basketball players?

Brent and his father, Rick Barry, are the second father-son duo to each win an NBA Championship as a player; the first was Matt Guokas, Sr. and his son Matt Guokas, Jr.. The only other father-son duos are Bill Walton and his son Luke Walton, and Mychal Thompson and his son Klay Thompson .