Can you renew your Jamaican passport before it expires?

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Can you renew your Jamaican passport before it expires?

How soon can I renew my Jamaican Passport? Your Jamaican Passport can be renewed at any time with the exception of the new. CARICOM issued passport, unless a lost or name change occurred since it was issued.

Where can I apply for a Jamaican passport?

The issued passport may be collected from the Embassy or Consulates or mailed at the request of applicants. Application forms are available from the Embassy or any Jamaican Consulate either in person or requested by mail. Eligibility for a Jamaican passport is based on proof of Jamaican Citizenship.

How long does it take to renew a Jamaican passport?

Regular turnaround time for processing a passport application is seven working days for applications submitted at our head office in Kingston. Applications submitted through our regional offices will be processed in 14 working days and 11 working days in the case of our office in Portmore.

How many days before expiry can I renew my passport?

You can apply for a re-issue of passport up to 1 year before the expiry and not earlier. However, in case of any change of personal particulars, lost/damaged, Exhaustion of pages you may apply for re-issue of passport.

How much does it cost to replace a Jamaican passport?

Money orders or certified checks made payable to the Embassy of Jamaica, or to the Consulate General of Jamaica are to be forwarded directly with the form and other documents….Application Fees:

Application Fees: Adults Minors
Replacement of lost/damaged or misplaced passport $190.00 $130.00

Where do you get your passport in Jamaica?

Jamaican ordinary passports are issued by the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency in Jamaica and Jamaican Diplomatic Missions or Consulates and are valid to travel to all countries.

Who is the owner of the Jamaican passport agency?

Jamaican Passport & More is a privately owned, independent agency, are solely at the discretion of the Consulate General of Jamaica and the Jamaican Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency.

Where can I renew my blue passport in Jamaica?

You should visit a PICA Office or Jamaican Overseas Consulate/Embassy/Mission to renew your Handwritten Blue passport. You may obtain the application form and requirements from our main website, .

Where do I go to apply for immigration in Jamaica?

(IMMIGRATION FAQ) The process takes three (3) working days for applications submitted at PICA’s Kingston office at 25 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10 and seven (7) working days for applications submitted at our office at Overton Plaza, 49 Union Street in Montego Bay.

How do you get a Jamaican passport?

How to apply for a Jamaican Passport Proper authority: All supporting documents (birth, death, marriage, divorce, name change, adoption, et cetera) must be CERTIFIED copies issued by the Official records office in the district where the event Photo Identification. Failure to comply will lead to extensive delay in.

How do I contact the Passport Office?

Call Passport Office Direct. 0843 506 0386. If you need to contact the Passport Office, you are probably in need of a new passport, or want to get your hands on your first ever one. Regardless of the reason, speaking to the Passport Office will almost certainly be an important call, so you shouldn’t wait.

What are the requirements for a Jamaican passport?

General Requirements. Eligibility for a Jamaican passport is based on proof of Jamaican Citizenship. All applicants are therefore required to submit one (or more) of the following documents as applicable: Certified Copy of Birth Certificate. Certificate of Registration. Certified Copy of Adoption Certificate. Letter of Certification of Citizenship.

How long does to take to renew Jamaican passport?

Jamaican Passport Renewal – Questions and Answers. The average renewal time for a Jamaican Passport is usually 6 – 8 weeks, provided that all required documents are accepted by the Jamaican. Consulate and PICA (Passport Immigration Citizenship Agency of Jamaica).