Who is considered the best point guard ever?

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Who is considered the best point guard ever?

1. Magic Johnson. While some of the numbers might favor Curry, Magic maintains a slight edge in the “best point guard of all time” debate by virtue of legacy points. Magic has five NBA titles compared to Curry’s three and three Finals MVPs compared to Curry’s zero.

Who is the second greatest point guard of all time?

Russell Westbrook
After last night’s 154-141 victory over the Indiana Pacers, Washington Wizards head coach Scott Brooks called Russell Westbrook the second-best point guard in NBA history behind Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson. Westbrook scored 14 points, but also racked up 21 rebounds and 24 assists.

Who is the top 10 point guards of all time?

NBA: Top 15 Point Guards of All-Time

  1. Magic Johnson. Magic Johnson of the Los Angeles Lakers celebrates the championship trophy in 1980. (
  2. Stephen Curry. Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors reacts against the Toronto Raptors. (
  3. Steve Nash.
  4. 4. Walt Frazier.
  5. Isiah Thomas.
  6. Oscar Robertson.
  7. Chris Paul.
  8. Russell Westbrook.

Who is the best dribbler in NBA history?

Arguably the flashiest dribbler and passer in NBA history. Jason Williams earns a place on this list for his creative approach on offense and hours of highlight reels filled with just his ball-handling ability. Williams played in the NBA from 1999 to 2011.

Did Kobe Bryant play small forward?

It wasn’t until the last two years that Bryant was a net negative while playing small forward, and that can likely be chalked up to injuries. After all, he’d always been quite good at the 3, and his numbers there throughout his prime were actually better than they were at shooting guard, surprising as that may be.

Who played point guard with Kobe?

Today, we’ll rank the point guards that joined Kobe throughout his NBA journey. Others: Chucky Atkins, Smush Parker, Ron Harper, Shannon Brown, Jordan Farmar, Brian Shaw, Derek Harper, Steve Blake, Lindsey Hunter, Tyronn Lue, Mike Penberthy, Jannero Pargo, Tierre Brown, Shammond Williams.

Who are the top 10 point guards of all time?

ESPN ranked the Top 10 PGs of all time & they have @iamisiahthomas ranked 5th. There’s no way Stockton & Curry are better than Isiah. Let me remind everyone, young and old, I played against @iamisiahthomas when he was hurt & hobbling on one leg… …and @iamisiahthomas still scored 25 points in one quarter in the NBA Finals! 6. Chris Paul

Who was the first point guard in NBA history?

The undisputed first great point guard, Cousy remains the only guard in NBA history to be named First-Team All-NBA in 10 straight seasons. — Adams. An early ballhandling wizard, he was a point …

Who is the only point guard in NBA history to average 10 assists per game?

Nash is the only player in history to go 50-40-90 while averaging 10 assists per game. He did it not once, not twice, but three times. — Adams For nine consecutive years, Nash’s teams led the NBA in offensive rating.

Who is the greatest defensive guard of all time?

After former Boston Celtics guard Dennis Johnson passed away in February 2007, Bill Simmons referred to him as “the greatest defensive guard of his era.”

Who are the top five point guards of all time?

  • Magic Johnson. The floor general of the “Showtime” Los Angeles Lakers is still on top of the greatest point guards in the NBA.
  • Stephen Curry. Andre Iguodala was on the mark with his assessment of fellow teammate Stephen Curry.
  • Oscar Robertson. Oscar Robertson earned the nickname “Mr.
  • Isiah Thomas.
  • Steve Nash.

    Who is the best point guard of all time?

    1. Magic Johnson. Magic Johnson is considered by most as the best point guard in the history of the game because of how impactful he was in both ends of the floor, as well as how gifted and skilled he was as a 6’8 point guard that was constantly getting mismatches and could play and guard all 5 spots on the floor with great ease.

    Who is the worst point guard in the NBA?

    Top 5 Worst Starting Point Guards In The NBA 5. Mike James, Suns 4. Jarrett Jack , Knicks 3. Elfrid Payton , Magic 2. Spencer Dinwiddie , Nets 1. Jerian Grant , Bulls

    What is the best point guard in the NBA?

    NBA position rankings: The top point guards entering 2018-19 25. Isaiah Thomas – Denver Nuggets 24. Dennis Smith Jr . – Dallas Mavericks 23. Rajon Rondo – Los Angeles Lakers 22. Dejounte Murray – San Antonio Spurs 21. D’Angelo Russell – Brooklyn Nets 20. Reggie Jackson – Detroit Pistons 19. Jeff Teague – Minnesota Timberwolves