Who did Jackson lose to when he ran for president in 1824?

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Who did Jackson lose to when he ran for president in 1824?


Presidential candidate Party Electoral vote
Andrew Jackson Democratic-Republican 99
John Quincy Adams Democratic-Republican 84
William Harris Crawford Democratic-Republican 41

Which of the following is not true of the 1824 presidential election Andrew Jackson ran William Crawford ran Andrew Jackson won John Quincy Adams ran?

All 3 of them ran but John Quincy Adams won, so the one that is not true would be C) Andrew Jackson won. By The Way, John Quincy Adams was elected by the House of Representatives after Andrew Jackson won the most popular and electoral votes but failed to receive a majority.

Who became secretary of state as a result of the 1824 presidential election?

On the first ballot 13 state delegations—a majority—chose Adams as President. Jackson received seven votes; Crawford got four. Later, President Adams nominated Clay as his Secretary of State, reigniting rumors that a deal had been struck before the vote.

What new political party attracted supporters of Andrew Jackson?

The Democratic Party
Introduction: The Election of 1828 The Democratic Party derived its strength from the existing supporters of Jackson and their coalition with the supporters of Crawford (the Old Republicans ) and Vice President Calhoun.

Who was the final candidate for president in 1824?

On July 20, 1822, the Tennessee legislature nominated Jackson for president and then in October 1823 it elected him to the U.S. Senate. The final candidate in the race was the passionate and charming speaker of the House, Henry Clay, born in 1777 in Virginia.

How many electoral college votes did Jackson need to win Presidency?

At the time, a candidate needed 131 electoral college votes in order to win the presidency. After all of the ballots were counted, Jackson had received 99 votes to John Quincy Adams’s 84. The remaining votes were split between Crawford and Clay—41 and 37 respectively.

How many states did Adams and Jackson win?

In the end, Adams carried 13 states, Jackson took seven, and Crawford four. As the results were announced, there was so much booing, hissing, and general uproar from the public galleries in the House that the Speaker of the House—Henry Clay—had them all thrown out.