Is the legalization of marijuana a good or bad thing?

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Is the legalization of marijuana a good or bad thing?

Legalization of marijuana is a controversial topic, as various states either have legalized it already or are exploring the removal of the prohibition of this drug. But marijuana legalization could have an especially negative result for young people. When compared to other drugs, marijuana often seems less dangerous.

What was the result of the legalization of marijuana?

Legalization removes criminal and monetary penalties for the possession, use, and supply of marijuana for recreational purposes.

How does legalization of marijuana affect your brain?

The Legalization of Marijuana and the Negative Impact. Over the long term, researchers are speculating that marijuana impairs cognitive function and memory, interfering with the way the brain carries out these processes. These negative impacts may even be permanent with regular use of marijuana.

What does legalization of marijuana mean for addiction treatment?

It may merely mean that marijuana use has become widely accepted, with fewer people feeling compelled to seek treatment for using a now-legal substance. It could also have more concrete legal backing. Legal-ordered cases of treatment for cannabis use disorder may well have been on the wane with legalization on the rise.

How many US states have legal cannabis?

Nationwide, 10 states and Washington, D.C., have legalized marijuana for recreational use, while 33 states allow medical marijuana.

When will US legalize cannabis?

The United States will legalize marijuana at a federal level in 2019, according to the chief executive of a leading company in the industry. Kevin Murphy , of U.S.-based cannabis firm Acreage Holdings, said Thursday he believes that a key bill aimed at recognizing legalization of cannabis will be passed this year.

What states don’t allow marijuana?

Here are the states where marijuana is decriminalized but not legalized: Connecticut. Delaware. Illinois. Maryland. Minnesota. Mississippi. Missouri.

What countries legalized marijuana?

More Countries Followed. Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Lesotho, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Romania, San Marino Switzerland, and Zimbabwe have all legalized medical marijuana.