Who has scored the most points in a high school game?

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Who has scored the most points in a high school game?

Lynne Lorenzen set the national high school career scoring record with 6,736 career points at Ventura High, highlighted by a 100-point game against Woden-Crystal Lake in her junior season and a 31-0 record and state championship as a senior.

Who holds the record for most points scored in their high school career in the state of West Virginia for boys basketball?

On January 26, 1960, Heater, a then 17-year-old senior at Burnsville High School in Braxton County, West Virginia scored 135 points against Widen High School of Clay County….Danny Heater.

Personal information
High school Burnsville (Braxton County, West Virginia)
Position Forward
Career highlights and awards

Who is Josh delawder?

Josh Delawder is seen being interviewed during his senior year when he set West Virginia’s all-time scoring record. Twenty-one years ago, Josh Delawder put Paw Paw basketball on the map, breaking a scoring record that had survived more than four decades. Delawder finished his career with 2,965 points.

Who is the highest scoring high school basketball player?

The boys’ high school record is 135 points, scored by Danny Heater on January 26, 1960. Playing for Burnsville High School ( West Virginia) against Widen High School, Heater made 53 of 70 field goals and 29 of 41 free throws. His 135-point outburst is still the highest total for the high school level worldwide.

What’s the record for most points in a college basketball game?

Selvy’s 100 points were against non-DI opponent Newberry. Even with the addition of the three-point line, Selvy’s record is untouchable. The 2018 national champion, Villanova, which also had the country’s most efficient offense, scored at least 100 points just four times – as a team.

How many high school players have scored 100 points?

Since 1913, 19 male and six female players have scored 100 points or more in United States high school basketball games. Heater set the world record for high school-level single game scoring, not just the United States’ record. He scored 85 points in the second half alone, including 55 in the final 10 minutes.

Who are the leading high school basketball scorers in Arkansas?

Holds four of the top six all-time single game point totals in Arkansas once scored 102 points in a game and average 50.9 points per game his senior year. Also had single game totals of 98, 77 and 65 points.

Who was the first high school basketball player to average 50 points per game?

The first player to ever average over 50 points per game, Hyde set the record in 1954 with 1,411 points in 28 games while leading Onida to a Class B state championship. A 6-foot-5 center, Hyde reportedly had 42 offers coming out of high school, but chose to play at South Dakota State.

Who was the highest scoring high school basketball player in Kentucky?

Other stories list Wright with 4,400 career points. The all-time leading scorer in Kentucky, Coleman was a high school All-American after scoring 1,734 points for a 46.8 point average as a senior. He also scored 1,174 points as a junior. A book has been written about him: “King Kelly Coleman; Kentucky’s greatest basketball legend.”

Who are the leading high school basketball scorers of all time?

Not surprisingly, the state of Louisiana continues to dominate the nation’s Top 100 all-time leading high school boys basketball scoring list. The Pelican State has 30 players among the Top 100 scorers, including five of the top seven.

Who is the highest scoring high school basketball player in Texas?

The reported all-time scoring leader in Texas, House averaged 44.1 points per game (1,455 total points) as a junior. He led Tom Moore to a Class 2A state championship in 1990. He averaged 32.8 points per game as a sophomore at Leakey and averaged 40 points as a senior.