Who is saved in Naruto saves Hinata 558?

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Who is saved in Naruto saves Hinata 558?

Naruto Saves Hinata! – Naruto 558. Naruto 558 features Naruto saving a couple of people including Sakura and Hinata! In today’s Manga Chapter (558) we see that Naruto himself is getting very powerful! It seems now that everyone around him seems to trust him more.

How did Naruto kill Hinata in Konoha?

As her falling impact cracks the ground, he proceeds to take his blade and stabs her, killing Hinata. As Naruto sees the blood seeping out of her, Pain merely remarks that this is the same way his parents died, being murdered by shinobi from Konoha.

How did Hinata get the bikochu in Naruto?

During one of the filler episodes, Hinata and the rest of her team were joined By Naruto to recover the Bikochu, a beetle that could help find Sasuke if it got his scent. The Kamizuru Clan were also searching for the beetle, leading to a battle between the teams that started to sway in the favor of the Kamizuru.

Why did Hinata leave Naruto in Sage Mode?

Sage mode Naruto was pinned down by the black receivers of Deva Path and in the process of being captured, when Hinata lept to his aid. Naruto told her to leave, but she remained due to her love for Naruto, despite knowing she stood no chance. It’s a touching moment that helped push the Naruto and Pain fight to new levels.

What was the relationship between Naruto and Hinata?

The two of them had huge impacts on each other’s lives, helping save them in many ways. The relationship between Naruto and Hinata is the best told in the series for several reasons, one of which is how often they showed selflessness around each other.

Who is the shy one in Naruto series?

Hinata has always been the shy one. Her liking for Naruto started when he saved her from a bunch of bullies and got beaten up in the process. She had been rooting for him from day one. So when the moment arrives, she jumps into battle against Pain- the guy who leveled Konoha completely.

How many palms does Hinata protect in Naruto?

That is until Hinata revealed her new jutsu, the Protecting Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms on them. Its defensive and offensive capabilities proved too much, allowing Konoha to recover the beetle egg. The White Zetsu clones were more than just mere fodder during the war.

What happens to the main characters in Naruto?

Naruto’s journey is filled with sacrifices and emotional moments. The deaths of main characters and their tragic pasts have left viewers in a sorrowful and teary state. Masashi Kishimoto has delivered a depressing show in the disguise of an inspirational one.