What should I do if my boyfriend does Coke?

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What should I do if my boyfriend does Coke?

And then a cab, because nobody wants to take public transport/drive while high. And then drinks. And then a cab the next day from wherever he’s ended up crashing. I’ve sort of given up on him taking me away for the weekend, because it’s not really financially viable. Which obviously makes me feel really great about things.

What to say to someone who is trying to quit smoking?

Loving someone who’s tried repeatedly to quit — and failed — might make you want to give in and give up, and often it shows. Letting them know, instead, that you believe they can do it, even if it’s the third, fifth or seventh time they’re trying, might prevent them from giving up. Avoid phrases like “I give up! You’re never going to quit!”

How did I Know my Son was smoking pot?

“Although I’ve written nine books on addiction, I didn’t know my own son was smoking marijuana until I found the pipe wrapped up in his gym clothes. I suspected it, but I didn’t have proof. And I wanted to believe he was not involved with alcohol or other drugs.

How can you tell when your boyfriend is telling a lie?

You may notice that your boyfriend’s regular tone of voice changes or shifts when he is telling a lie. He may also stammer, pause for long periods of time, or have unusual intonations. A sudden change in his speech patterns when he is talking about a certain subject, person, or event may be a sign that he is telling a lie.

What should I tell my boyfriend about smoking?

Your boyfriend knows that smoking is bad for him, and he probably wants to quit already. Thus, it won’t really be helpful to recite facts about diseases, life expectancy, etc. In fact, telling someone to stop smoking just makes them do it more. Instead, you may want to focus on trends in people’s behavior and the role of addiction in smoking.

What to do if your boyfriend wants to quit smoking?

Talk to your boyfriend to find out what kind of help he needs. Your boyfriend may have an indirect way of indicating that he wants to talk about quitting. Pay attention to the topics he brings up—advice from a doctor, a family member who is pregnant, someone else who quit—to find an opening.

What to do when you find out your son is smoking pot?

This may be a complete surprise to you or you may have had a hunch he has been smoking. Either way, you will have some understandable emotional reactions. Everything from anger to anxiety is totally normal. It is a good idea to think through your plan of action before you address it with your son.

Why is my boyfriend a daily pot smoker?

I am writing because my boyfriend is a daily pot smoker. We have been together for almost five years and for five years, it has been the one aspect of our relationship that I would consider a huge problem. He does not smoke cigarettes or do any other drug but needs his daily joint. Skip to Content Login MenuSkip to Content Home Addictions