What is the longest punt ever recorded?

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What is the longest punt ever recorded?

Punting for the New York Jets as a rookie in 1969, Steve O’Neal booted a 98-yard punt that still stands as the longest in NFL history. It was Sept. 21, 1969, a Week 2 contest between the Jets and Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium.

Who was the longest punter in NFL history?

Jets punter Steve O’Neal once blasted a ball 98 yards in 1969. That’s almost the entire football field. Steve O’Neal tries to tackle Denver’s Floyd Little in 1969. (Getty Images)

Who is the longest serving player in NFL history?

Morten Andersen currently has the longest career in the NFL. He is nicknamed the “Great Dane” both because of his Danish-American background and his formidability on the field. Andersen had a bumpy beginning to his career, injuring his ankle and missing eight weeks right at the start of the 1982 season.

Who was the first NFL player to kick three field goals in one game?

However, he became known as one of the NFL’s best kickers soon afterwards, with his reliable field goal kicking earning him another nickname: “Mr. Automatic.” Did you know? In 1995, Andersen became the first player to kick three field goals in one game that were all over 50 yards.

Who is the highest scoring NFL player of all time?

Gary Anderson has made a number of accomplishments during his NFL career and spent most of his time playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. During his time with the Steelers, he scored 1,343 points in all!

What is the longest sack in NFL history?

The longest sack in NFL history was 29 yards. In 1972, Miami Dolphins QB Bob Griese was sacked for a 29 yard loss in Super Bowl VI by Dallas Cowboys DT Bob Lilly. That record was tied on Dec 18, 2011 when Denver QB Tim Tebow was sacked by New England Patriot ‘s LB Rob Ninkovich for a 29 yard loss.

What is the shortest punt in the NFL?

DePoyster retired from football to raise a family and to work in the homebuilding and oil industries. DePoyster is often erroneously cited in various internet sources as having kicked the shortest punt in NFL history, supposedly either 10 or 11 yards long.

On September 21st 1969, Steve O’Neil of the New York Jets set the record for longest punt. With a punt of 98 yards, this may be a record that is unbreakable in the NFL.

What is longest NCAA field goal attempt?

These long-range attempts were much easier before the NCAA banned the use of a tee in 1988. The longest made field goal in NCAA history belongs to Martin Gramatica, who drilled a 65 yarder with Kansas State against Northern Illinois in 1998. He went on to win a Super Bowl and have an impressive NFL career lasting nearly two decades.