Who creates the NFL schedule?

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Who creates the NFL schedule?

The NFL schedule makers — Senior Vice President of Broadcasting Howard Katz, Senior Director of Broadcasting Blake Jones, Director of Broadcasting Charlotte Carey, Vice President of Broadcasting Michael North, Vice President of Broadcasting Onnie Bose, and Broadcasting Coordinator Nick Cooney — must consider the fans.

How is a NFL teams schedule determined?

The NFL uses a strict scheduling algorithm to determine which teams play each other from year to year, based on the current division alignments and the final division standings from the previous season. The current formula has been in place since 2021, the last year that the NFL expanded its regular season.

Where can I find the NFL season schedule?

Use the printer icon to generate a printable version or click team logos to view individual NFL Team Schedules. Be sure to also check out the NFL Season Schedule Grid to view all 32 teams in a printable grid format.

How many teams are affected by the NFL schedule changes?

The NFL made a major adjustment to the schedule that had a direct impact on 10 teams over six different weeks. If you combine with the league’s decision to postpone the Steelers-Titans game last week, that means a total of 11 teams have been impacted by the changes.

When does the 2020 NFL schedule come out?

Be sure to also check out the NFL Season Schedule Grid to view all 32 teams in a printable grid format. The 2020 NFL Weekly Schedule is typically released in May and is constructed using the following process.

Are there any NFL teams that play on Thursday?

Most teams in the NFL hate playing on Thursday and thanks to the revamped schedule, the Chiefs no longer have to do that this year. The downside of a Thursday game is that you only get three full days of rest before playing.

Who are the people who make the NFL schedule?

The makers of the schedule are comprised of Howard Katz (Senior Vice President of Broadcasting), Blake Jones (Director of Broadcasting), Charlotte Carey (Manager of Broadcasting), and Michael North (Senior Director of Broadcasting). In doing so, they take account of the fans, league partners, and more.

How many teams are there in the NFL?

There are four teams in each NFL division. A team will always play the other teams in their division twice – once at home and once on the road. This accounts for 6 of the games on a team’s schedule. Each of the four teams in one division will play games against each of the teams in another division from their conference.

When did flex scheduling start in the NFL?

Times are not always set in stone, however, even after the NFL schedule is officially released. The NFL sometimes will move games times around on Sunday afternoons. Furthermore, in an effort to make sure the best match-ups at the end of the season are broadcast to the biggest audience, ‘flex scheduling’ was introduced by the NFL in 2006.

How is the scheduling process in the NFL?

Since the realignment that moved the NFL to an eight-division league, the scheduling format has recently become quite simple. Here is a breakdown of the NFL’s scheduling process: