How does the Keystone School help with credit recovery?

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How does the Keystone School help with credit recovery?

Keystone offers a full suite of credit recovery courses in core subjects for grades 6 through 12. The Keystone credit recovery program gives students a way to make up credits in courses previously failed so they can improve their grade point average, advance to the next grade, or reach graduation.

What to do if you have doubts about Keystone credits?

Should you have a doubt, you should contact your local school officials directly or contact a Keystone Student Services Representative (1-800-255-4937) to work with you and your local school officials to determine acceptance of Keystone credits.

Why are online courses important for Keystone students?

Absolutely. Keystone students thrive in a learning community, connecting with teachers and other students whenever they wish. Social contact is a key element within the Keystone learning community. Online courses provide opportunities for students to connect with others through emails and discussion boards. Are the courses self-paced?

How to get pre-approval for Keystone School?

Keystone strongly recommends that you seek pre-approval from your school prior to enrolling. If you need assistance, please call Student Services at 800.255.4937. Call us at 800.255.4937. Our knowledgeable Enrollment Consultants are available from 8 AM to 8 PM ET Monday through Friday to help you.

How does Keystone grade work in credit recovery?

Grading and Evaluation Keystone evaluates a student’s work in a credit recovery course and provides the student’s school of record with a grade. However, it will be the student’s school that will issue the final grade and credit value that will go on the student’s transcript. Feedback on Your Course Work

How many students have graduated from Keystone School?

Over 35,700 students have gotten their studies back on track with Keystone’s credit recovery courses. Credit Recovery Courses for Grades 6–12. Keystone’s credit recovery program is proven to help students earn middle or high school credits in courses they did not pass the first time around.

Is the Keystone School accredited by the government?

The Keystone School is fully accredited and evaluated by third-party educational study experts, your ongoing assurance of a quality education.

When do you get your grade from Keystone?

Once a student has completed all work required for a course, the student’s work is evaluated by Keystone. Within 10 business days of completion of the course, a numeric grade will be calculated, and the student will be notified.