What sports do 1d play?

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What sports do 1d play?

‘One Direction’ Has Multiple Sports Sides

  • Harry Styles: Singer Styles loves soccer.
  • Liam Payne: Payne is a runner.
  • Niall Horan: Horan’s sport is golf.
  • Louis Tomlinson: Tomlinson, like Styles, loves soccer.

What is Louis tomlinsons favorite movie?

One Direction Facts – Grease is my favorite movie too!

What is 1d favorite color?

harry is orange, Liam is purple, Niall is green/blue, Louis is dark red, Zayn is blue.

Was Harry Styles a soccer player?

Harry Styles has never been shy about sharing his love of soccer, and apparently it also extends beyond the professional variety. Back in 2014, Styles made headline for his soccer skills when he scored a goal at a charity soccer match organized by fellow 1D member Niall Horan.

Who does Harry Styles support soccer?

Choose the right answer:

Liverpool Chelsea
Manchester United Arsenal

What is Louis favorite color?

Louis’s favourite colour is dark red.

What is Louis Tomlinson favorite candy?

YKW, I’d love to know. Never heard him talk about this. I think it is, “Chocolate”, so that everyone loves!

Which is Harry Styles favorite Disney movie?

The Little Mermaid
Well, this is one fashion influence we didn’t see for Harry Styles: Ariel from our favorite Disney movie, The Little Mermaid.

What is Niall’s favorite movie?

Niall’s favourite movie of all time is Grease. He’s also a fan of horror movies.

What color was Zayn’s mic?

one direction study stack one direction

Question Answer
What is Harry’s microphone color? Green
What is Zayn’s microphone color? yellow
What is Liam ‘s microphone color? Red
Which member’s first word was cat Harry Styles

Is Harry Styles adopted?

When Harry came into our lives I said, ‘Oh my God, this is the son I never had. ‘ So I adopted him.” Styles paid tribute to Nicks at her second induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2019. “She is the family member that you can always count on,” Styles said about Nicks during the ceremony.