What is Detroit Lions win loss record on Thanksgiving Day?

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What is Detroit Lions win loss record on Thanksgiving Day?

Lions record on Thanksgiving The Lions are 37-41-2 playing on Thanksgiving in franchise history. Notable games: 1962 — The Lions gave the Green Bay Packers their only loss that season.

Who did the Lions play on Thanksgiving in 1934?

Chicago Bears
It started in 1934 when the Lions moved to Detroit In 1934, they played their first Thanksgiving game against the Chicago Bears and legendary coach George Halas. Richards had NBC cover the game across the U.S. via radio, with 26,000 fans in attendance. While the Bears won the game, a new tradition was born.

Who were the first football teams to play on Thanksgiving in 1934?

The University of Detroit Stadium hosted the first broadcasted Thanksgiving Day football game in 1934, pitting the Detroit Lions against the Chicago Bears and sparking a new tradition.

Why do Lions play every Thanksgiving?

The Lions began the tradition in 1934 when the owner George A. Richards wanted to attract more fans. The Lions did not invent football on Thanksgiving, other teams had done it before, but Detroit had the network deal that set it apart.

When did Detroit Lions play their first Thanksgiving Day game?

The Lions Played Their First Thanksgiving Day Game in 1934 Against the Chicago Bears. It had all the hype of a must-win game, since it ultimately decided the winner of the Western Division. The Bears, who won the NFL championship the previous year, finished the 1934 season with a 13-0 record. The Lions went 10-3.

How did the Detroit Lions get their name?

Detroit Lions: A Brief History of Football on Thanksgiving Day. In 1934, the Portsmouth Spartans were purchased by George Richards and moved to Detroit. The team was renamed the Detroit Lions. As a gimmick to boost attendance for the new team, the Lions’ organization scheduled a game on Thanksgiving Day.

What was the Detroit Lions all time record?

Seasons: 92 (1930 to 2021) Record (W-L-T): 567-681-33 Playoff Record: 7-13. Super Bowls Won: 0 (0 Appearances) Championships Won *: 4 All-time Passing Leader: Matthew Stafford 3,898/6,224, 45,109 yds, 282 TD All-time Rushing Leader: Barry Sanders 3,062 att, 15,269 yds, 99 TD

How often do the Packers and Lions play on Thanksgiving?

The Lions and Packers have played each other 19 times on Thanksgiving, with Detroit leading the series 11-7 with one tie. In recent history, the Detroit Lions’ Thanksgiving game has often become background noise during meal time.

What is the Detroit Lions overall record on Thanksgiving?

The Detroit Lions’ all-time record on Thanksgiving Day is 37-40-2. Here are the results from all those games: It all started when the Detroit Lions were actually the Portsmouth Spartans — in 1929. In 1934, owner George Richards bought the team and moved it to Detroit.

Did the Detroit Lions ever win on Thanksgiving Day?

Here are some lesser know facts about the NFL’s holiday tradition. The Jacksonville Jaguars have never played on Thanksgiving Day. As of 2018, The Detroit Lions have the most wins on Thanksgiving (37), as well as the most losses (39). The tradition of the Detroit Lions playing on Thanksgiving Day began in 1934.

How many years has Detroit Lions played on Thanksgiving?

The tradition of the Detroit Lions playing on Thanksgiving Day began in 1934. The Lions have played on every Thanksgiving Day since 1934, except during 1941-1944 when no games were played due to WWII. The Dallas Cowboys have the 2nd most Thanksgiving wins behind Detroit.

Why do the Detroit Lions play on Thanksgiving?

The Lions’ tradition of playing on Thanksgiving derives in part from the 1930s success of the Detroit Tigers, who won the World Series in 1935. The Lions were unable to replicate the success of their fellow local sports teams and struggled to even draw 15,000 fans to some of the year’s first few football games in 1934.