Which French football club has won the Champions League?

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Which French football club has won the Champions League?

Marseille and Monaco are the only French clubs to reach the Champions League final with Marseille winning the very first in 1993, and Monaco losing out to Porto in 2004. Marseille hasn’t been successful otherwise, while Monaco has reached the semi-finals twice.

Who are the French football champions of all time?

In the 2009–10 season, Marseille equalled Saint-Étienne’s number of titles, amateur or professional. As of 2019, Nantes , Monaco and Paris Saint-Germain third with eight titles, followed by Lyon with seven. Alain Giresse played on the Bordeaux teams that won back-to-back titles in 1983–84 and 1984–85.

When did Bordeaux win the Coupe de France?

Bordeaux team in 1941 after winning Coupe de France. When Bordeaux was formed, it was originally a gymnastics and shooting club. After a trial period in 1910, the footballing section was officially introduced in 1919; however, it wasn’t until 1937 that Bordeaux finally went professional (marked by a match against Toulouse on 22nd August).

When did Girondins de Bordeaux last win a trophy?

The following period saw Bordeaux dip in form, with multiple mid-table league finishes and disappointing Cup losses over the next couple of years. Their last major trophy would come in 2013, with a hard-fought 3-2 victory over Evian TG in the French Cup final.

Who are the champions of France in 2019?

Lorient, top of Ligue 2 when football came to a halt in March because of the coronavirus, have been promoted as champions. Paris Saint-Germain have now been awarded the Ligue 1 title for the 2019-20 season REVEALED: Cancellation of the Ligue 1 campaign will see… France’s Ligue 1 and 2 seasons are CANCELLED as their prime…

Who are the current champions of France Football?

Lille OSC is the legal heir of Olympique Lillois. Toulouse FC is not the successor to Toulouse FC (1937). Georges Bereta won six league titles while playing for Saint-Étienne. Juninho Pernambucano won seven straight league titles with Lyon from 2002–2008. Bold indicates clubs currently playing in 2018–19 Ligue 1.

How many professional football clubs are there in France?

The league is responsible for overseeing, organizing, and managing the top two leagues and is also responsible for the 46 professional football clubs that contest football in France (20 in Ligue 1, 20 in Ligue 2, and 6 in the Championnat National ). Ligue 1 is the French professional league for football clubs.

When was the last time a French football club won a title?

Marseille repeated Saint-Étienne’s feat of four consecutive titles from 1988 to 1992. It would take the club another 17 years to win another title. During the hiatus between Marseille’s title in 1992 and the club’s most recent in 2010, Lyon established themselves as a top club winning their first title in 2002.

Which is the second major football competition in France?

The Coupe de la Ligue is the second major cup competition in France. It is known outside France as the French League Cup and is a knockout league cup competition organised by the Ligue de Football Professionnel. Unlike the Coupe de France, it is only open to professional clubs who are members of the LFP.