What vegetable is high in vitamin D?

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What vegetable is high in vitamin D?

Excluding fortified foods, mushrooms are the only good plant source of vitamin D. Like humans, mushrooms can synthesize this vitamin when exposed to UV light ( 27 ). However, mushrooms produce vitamin D2, whereas animals produce vitamin D3.

Fatty Fish

Vegetarian sources of Vitamin D. 2) Mushrooms: Mushrooms are probably the only vegetables high in vitamin D. Mushrooms such as chanterelle mushrooms, morel, Portobello and shiitake are good sources of vitamin D. 3) Soy milk: Fortified soy milk helps in preventing the supply of cholesterol in the blood stream.

What foods can you eat to avoid vitamin D deficiency?

While we can get vitamin D from sunlight and some natural vitamin-rich foods like soya, mushrooms, salmon, eggs, etc., there are some amazing vitamin D-rich drinks that you may include in your daily diet to avoid vitamin D deficiency. (Also Read: 7 Healthy Vitamin D Foods You Must Eat To Avoid Vitamin D Deficiency)

How to get more vitamin D in your diet?

Here are some other ways to get more foods with vitamin D in your diet: (154 IU in 3 oz tuna, 270 IU in 3.5 oz sardines)

What kind of fish is high in vitamin D?

Similar to its distant cousin trout, salmon is another fatty fish high in vitamin D. While all varieties of salmon are full of the vitamin, sockeye salmon provides the most, and it supplies 186% of the RDI per fillet (8).

What fruits are high in vitamin D?

The top fruit is Orange juice, chilled, includes from concentrate, fortified with calcium and vitamin D with the highest vitamin d content, which in 100g contains 40 IU of vitamin d.

What foods raise vitamin D?

To meet this level, choose foods that are rich in vitamin D. For example, choose fatty fish, such as salmon, trout, tuna and halibut, which offer higher amounts of vitamin D, or fortified foods, such as milk and yogurt. Don’t overdo it, though.

What are the best vegetables for vitamin D?

The top vegetable is Mushrooms, maitake, raw with the highest vitamin d content, which in 100g contains 1123 IU of vitamin d.

What foods are high in vitamin D3?

Eat foods high in Vitamin D3 including Cod liver oil, fortified milk, salmon, mackerel, & sardines, egg yolks, beef liver.