What is the blue flag with one white star?

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What is the blue flag with one white star?

Bonnie Blue Flag
Commonly known as the Bonnie Blue Flag, the single white star on an azure field is a familiar sight to those who regularly drive Interstate 12 between Baton Rouge and the Mississippi state line. The flag is posted to signs along the roadway, which is also known as the West Florida Republic Parkway.

What flag is blue and white with white stars?

flag of Republic of Honduras
Flag of Honduras

Use National flag, civil and state ensign
Proportion 1:2
Adopted March 7, 1866 (modified in 1898)
Design A horizontal triband of Cerulean Blue (top and bottom) and white with five blue five-pointed stars arranged in an X pattern centered on the white band.
Variant flag of Republic of Honduras

What is the meaning of Somalia’s flag?

Star of Unity
Meaning of the Flag The primary feature of the Somali flag is the five-pointed star in the center. This star is known as the Star of Unity, and it represents the areas where Somalis resided. The color of the flag was originally inspired by the flag of the United Nations.

What was the Bonnie Blue flag used for?

The Bonnie Blue flag was used as an unofficial flag during the early months of 1861. It was flying above the Confederate batteries that first opened fire on Fort Sumter, beginning the Civil War. In addition, many military units had their own regimental flags they would carry into battle.

Who made Somalia flag?

Mohammed Awale Liban
A single white five-pointed star centered on a cyan field. The flag of Somalia (Somali: Calanka Soomaaliya, Arabic: علم الصومال‎), also known as the Somali flag, was adopted on October 12, 1954 and was designed by Mohammed Awale Liban.

Who used the Bonnie Blue Flag?

Republic of West Florida
The Bonnie Blue Flag, a rectangular blue field with a single five-pointed star in the center, is the familiar name of a flag that dates from 16 Sept. 1810, when it was used by the short-lived Republic of West Florida.

Are there any flags that only have one star?

The flag of Vietnam is one of the few national flags that only use two colors. It also qualifies as the simplest flag design on this list as it features a gold star on a red background. The star represents the unity among the five classes of Vietnamese society.

What does the star on the Israeli flag mean?

However, the flag’s meanings are not the same. The star and the triangle on the Puerto Rican flag represent the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the three branches of their government. The red stripes are symbols of bloodshed and the white stripes represent liberty. The flag of Israel is one of the world’s blue and white national flags.

What do blue, white, and red flags mean?

The color blue, white, and red may come in different variations and design, such as the flag of the United States, the United Kingdom(Union Jack), and the Tricolor flag of France, which are three of the most influential country flag in history both in…

Which is the only country with a red and white flag?

The flag of Turkey is one of the red and white national flags of the world. Its simplistic design is both recognizable and unique. The flag features a white crescent moon and a white five pointed star on an all red background. Both the crescent moon and the star are known to be symbols of the Islamic religion.

What country does the Blue Flag with white star represent?

The Bonnie Blue flag was a banner associated at various times with the Republic of Texas , the short lived Republic of West Florida , and the Confederate States of America at the start of the American Civil War in 1861. It now often serves as a representative banner of the Southeastern United States in general. It consists of a single, five-pointed white star on a blue field. Its first known use was in 1810.

Which country’s flag is light blue with white star?

Following the practice of British ensigns, a canton sometimes contains a symbol of national unity such as the blue field and white stars of the U.S. flag. In these cases, the canton may be called simply the union .

What flag has a white star and a red field?

The flag of the United States has the most stars of any national flag in the world. It consists of 13 horizontal white and red stripes, with a blue canton bearing fifty five-pointed white stars in nine rows. Each star represents a US state, while the stripes represent the original 13 colonies.

What flag has a star in the middle?

The Algeria National Flag is made of a green and white stripe, vertical and equal, with a Red Crescent and star in the middle of the flag. The white side of the flag symbolizes purity and the green side is for Islam . The Red Crescent originated on the Turkish flag and has become an Islamic symbol.