How many adults watch sports?

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How many adults watch sports?

In the US, around 154 million people watched live sports at least once a month. Experts forecast that number to rise to about 160 million by 2024.

What percentage of men watch the NFL?

The NFL is one of the most popular professional sports leagues in the United States, with televised games attracting millions of viewers each week. This survey depicts the level of interest in the NFL in the United States, and it showed that 44 percent of all male respondents were avid fans of the NFL as of June 2021.

How many people don’t watch sports at all?

They don’t watch casually, don’t enter any fantasy leagues, don’t provide a bracket to NCAA Tournament office pools, don’t visit sports sites, they just don’t pay attention to sports at all. In fact, that number is the same for women, 7 percent of all females during that same time period didn’t watch sports either.

Are there any real men who watch sports?

I don’t want to seem superior or mean, but professional athletes are a bunch of millionaires who bash each other’s brains in for our amusement. Certainly there’s a better way to understand ourselves as Americans and as men. Read more men’s Lifestyle content on The Good Life.

How many people watch the football on the BBC?

At its peak, the game was watched by 3.9 million people (24% per cent shared viewing), but average viewership was slightly lower at 3.6 million (22 per cent share) across the full 90 minutes. Just this year 2020, BBC decided to reveal for the first time in 20 years its viewing rating figures on a football matc

How many people watch the World Cup each year?

World Cup: Average audience: Final viewership: Average audience: 2018 Men’s: 3.572 billion: 1.12 billion: 191 million: 2019 Women’s: 3.572 billion: 82.17 million: 17.27 million

What percentage of Americans watch sports?

This graph depicts the daily percentage of U.S. Americans engaged in leisure and sports activities from 2010 to 2019. According to the source, 95.6 percent of men respondents were engaged in leisure and sports activities in 2019. Already a member? You have no right to use this feature.

Why is American football so popular?

American Football is very popular in the U.S.A. because the game became popular with local population at time well before globalisation. Similarly in Canada and Canadian Football. Australians were the first to create and codify their own unique game in Australian Football.

How many people watch esports?

Esports is already a wildly popular form of entertainment, and it will likely only grow as many of the world’s 2.4 billion gamers start watching competitive gaming events. So, how many people watch esports? In 2019 it is estimated that close to 1 billion viewers have watched an esports event.

How many people watched the World Cup?

2018 FIFA World Cup final was watched by 1.1 billion people around the world, becoming the most-watched competition in the globe. The 2018 World Cup was watched by 3.572 billion people, according to FIFA .